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Email Marketing Tips

Everything works as long as one knows what, where, when, and how of it. Even with regard to email marketing, few tips do the magic. But, some businesses, unfortunately, fail to find positive results with email marketing strategies due to their own shortcomings. In fact, every business needs few tips on email marketing to increase the worthiness of their email campaigns. Despite many prevailing doubts on email marketing strategies that work, it is still considered to be one of the most successful marketing tools available now.

Email marketing not just leverages SMEs in getting qualitative leads but also engage with prospects, in the long run converting them into consumers. This is possible by making the right competitive move encompassing the industry’s best practices to stand out from the crowd.

Few of the practical email marketing tips that get you results –

1 – Identify the target audience precisely

2 – Customize them as per your targeted audience’s needs

3 – Keep them short and simple

4 – Leave enough space for look & feel

5 – Write a persuasive subject line

6 – Send them at regular intervals

7 – Dedicated landing page for this campaign

Identify the target audience precisely :

Target Audience

Identifying one’s target audience precisely from the beginning is the key to the success of email marketing campaigns. On identification and detailed study, one gets to know the profiles of targeted audience such as their Demographics, likes & dislikes, preferences etc. Targeted approach undeniably creates a difference in making email marketing campaigns effective.

Segmenting email Ids list into appropriate groups based on buyer persona helps to target those audiences with tailor-made content on products and services, from time to time. Working on detailed segmentation based on target audience profiling gets you enhanced sales leads, better customer acquisition, superior customer retention, greater revenue, lesser spam etc.

Customize them as per your targeted audience’s needs :

Everyone who subscribes to one’s newsletters are totally different from each other, thus it demands for different yet relevant messages to initiate their actions. It would be an utter flaw to send them all the same content of email. It is stated that eighteen times more revenue is generated when customized email content is sent to every subscriber. Additionally, use the first name of your recipients in the subject line and in the body of the content. Further, you may add your details such as your name and photo.

Keep them short and simple :

Needless to say that more and more audiences today are accessing and reading emails on the move over their mobile devices. This prompts us that our audiences are quite busy, and hardly have any time on hand. Currently, the rule of the game in email marketing is to keep one’s email content crisp & clear, short and simple, as much as possible, without miscommunication. In fact, email marketing need not to be complicated as long as it connects one’s subscribers with their interests. In doing so, target audience would be rightly engaged as they get, not just relevant information, but valuable content that paves the path unto success.

Keeping your emails short & simple gives your audience a soft nudge to take action. With your simple words you create irresistible interest, then you will find them flocking on to your website to learn more. Approach your subscribers with message brevity, only one “call to action” per message, and using bullet points when much is to be detailed.

 Leave enough space for look & feel:

Making your emails scannable with lots of white space brings in that much needed look and feel for your so important emails. Content of email should be concise with short paragraphs; detailed facts, if any, be broken down into bullet points; and mentioning of subheadings where necessary. In case, you want your audience to go through lengthy content of your sales pitch, then giving a brief introduction in your email and directing them to your landing page with ‘Read More’ button will suffice. The right mix of white space and content with images gives your audience the much needed desire to check your offerings.

Write a persuasive subject line :

With a more personalized subject line you have more chance to make your audience feel more special. As it is the opening headline of an email, the more straightforward it is the better. If your aim is to get your audience open emails and be engaged or take action on it, then opening of emails to read the content is of prime importance. So, getting a persuasive subject line in place will immensely help email marketing campaign click, thereby building trust and ongoing relationship.

Being mindful when crafting your email subject lines with real emotions, personality oriented, incorporating facts & figures, and in concise words, makes the most of your email campaigns.

Send them at regular intervals :

Studies show that most of the people check their emails daily. So, by automating to send emails at regular intervals will fetch you better results. Quite often than not, emails end up in spam. To avoid such a situation, sending emails to Subscribers only, who have given their consent to write them back, will save your time and efforts.

When you build a genuine list of subscribers who would want to read all your emails, then sending them emails weekly, fortnightly or monthly shouldn’t be a challenge.

Dedicated landing page for this campaign :

It is vital to understand how your audience respond, and what happens to your traffic that is generated from your emails. More often than not, your subscribers are redirected from your emails to your website’s homepage or product page. To get higher conversion rate it is advisable to take them to a specific landing page. Having a dedicated landing page, and redirecting your subscribers’ traffic to it gets you definite ROI.

In a landing page, incorporate the most important components such as, a powerful headline, an emphasizing slogan, a comprehensive video, customer testimonials, and a call to action element. Let your email content always match with the content on the landing page for consistency in campaign. Do not clutter it with more than one offer, or multiple messages. Keep them focused on what you expected them to do for enhanced sales.

Finally, like other related fields, email marketing is both an art and science, which when employed in the right mix will create overwhelming response from your audiences in the form of enhanced website traffic, and increased sales consistently.

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