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SEO Technique One

Unique Domain Name :

When choosing a domain name for your business, pick a unique domain name that is easy to spell and recollect. In the event, you may be persuaded to decide on an EMD [EXACT MATCH DOMAIN]. But that’s not the right option. A PMD [PARTIAL MATCH DOMAIN] is safe and also provides some SEO advantage.

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What is Exact Match Domain :

EMD stands for – EXACT MATCH DOMAIN. EMD is the domain name which  matches exactly with the search question. This will in no doubt drive traffic to your website.

For ex: your site is

The search term is John Doe Business is a good search term phrase, and if you call your website then you may suppose this is a short cut to the top of a search engine results page (SERP). However, this works well in the short term only. It is advisable to avoid doing so.

What is Partial Match Domain :

A PMD is more often stated as Partial Match URL. It’s a partial match of the computer address matching for the domain.

An example of some PMD’s with liveapps would be some of our social profiles..


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