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Nagendra Commi, COO

A successful MBA from Bharatiya Vidyapeeth, Nagendra is a staunch businessman who believes in value for money. He believes in Reverse Engineering a concept which speaks of unprecedented rule of “more value for money, for many”. With this in mind, he started couple of projects on his own and was never satisfied with the outcomes. So, he pursued an additional degree from Europe and worked through his business skills there for nearly 7 years. Later, he returned to India in pursuit of a new business in web designing and web development.

In his brief stint, Nagendra joined his brother in managing projects for international clients. In due course, this paved the way for his new business that delivers flawlessly for international clients. His insatiable desire to deliver the best lead him to add on various business partners globally. Today, he is the most sought after professional here. Every day, he gets up to add a new client to the business. Hilariously, he is seeking for a day’s holiday in all his career which he couldn’t manage to get one.

Sam Sebastian Basker, Business Consultant

A successful businessman in the making, Sam, remains the cornerstone for this business. With a humble post-graduate degree in management from University of Madras, Sam has been an effective professional in his domain. He taught, trained, coached, counseled and mentored various clients of his all through his career. He started a training business in May 2000 as a Partnership firm and has been immensely successful. Later, he joined Commi Nagendra to start a Web Design & Web Development company. Today, he is a man of integrity, a sound policy maker and a stern quality controller of the company. He is a business strategist and specializes in business communication. In his leisure time, he enacts in drama, paints, and counsels youth.

Swapna Somasila, Technical Director

Hails from a small town in Andhra Pradesh, Swapna, evolved herself to be an entrepreneur for an IT company. She is an M. Tech. from JNTU-Hyderabad, and a certified Oracle professional. She travelled abroad to equip herself with the state-of-the-art technologies. She is technically enterprising and works relentlessly to achieve her dream.

Having put up eight years of professional experience in Project Management, she is one of the successful women in web design and web development domain. She is a highly motivated go-getter and believes in multi-tasking. If given an opportunity every quarter, she loves to travel.

Satish Babu G - Software Engineer cum Network Engineer

Satish, being an Arts graduate, with his undeterred perseverance proved that if one has stern determination one can achieve anything. He started his career in HR department as a versatile Recruiter for a leading Retailer and worked sincerely for 4 years. Eventually, Satish constantly honed his skills in Mobile Technology, and upgraded himself in Computer Hardware & Systems Networking and Maintenance. Later, to our surprise he has worked on WordPress, Joomla, HTML and CSS and gave international clients ‘WOW’ experience in all their projects. He upgraded himself with Bootstrap lately.

Satish’s approach to any challenging assignment, be it web designing or web development, is commendable. His aspiration to complete any project flawlessly is praiseworthy. To break his routine, Satish plays Cricket and Chess with children.

Swamy Gurugari , Software Developer

After graduating from JNTU-Hyderabad in Information Technology, Swamy spearheaded his career into Web Applications. Initially, he started as Java Developer and later, pursued his dream as PHP Developer analyzing changing market dynamics. He develops and maintains e-commerce websites apart from other dynamic websites ensuring end-to-end foolproof performance.

In his two and half years of professional experience, Swamy has worked on various projects, small and big alike. He is known for his agility and undeterred perseverance. He possesses commendable knowledge in PHP, JQuery, J2EE, MYSQL, Codeigniter and Joomla. He loves to play Chess to relax his grey cells.

Eshwar Durgam, Web Developer

Eshwar is a post-graduate from Kakatiya University with MCA degree. He also has an additional degree in Education. He has immense knowledge in PHP, JQuery, Joomla, WordPress, MYSQL, HTML5, CSS3, and specializes in Bootstrap framework. He has put up three and half years of professional experience as PHP Developer working with us on both web designing and web development.

Eshwar is industrious, innovative, and sees through the challenges unruffled. He strongly believes in the proverb “Slow and steady wins the race”. Listening to music and helping the poor are his noteworthy interests during leisure time.

Nagendra Kumar P. – Android Developer

An Information Technology graduate from JNTU-Kakinada, Kumar joined us as Android Developer for Mobile Apps. He has thorough knowledge in both Android and Hybrid Mobile Application development. He started his career as Web Associate. Later, in his previous assignment, Kumar proved himself to be a reliable team player in getting the desired output for premium clients.

Kumar is young, dynamic, and full of energy. He goes to any extreme to satisfy our clients’ mobile application output. He loves to play Chess and Caroms when at leisure.

Shara R. - Software Engineer

A web designing and web development professional in the making, Shara, is a fresh M.Tech. from Sri Venkateswara University-Tirupati. She is a studious trainee with us honing her skills on PHP, Ajax, JQuery, JScript, HTML, PSD, CSS, CMS and Bootstrap framework. She worked on small and medium sized projects…

Siva Kumar, Technical Consultant

A humble Computer Science and Information Technology graduate from Sri Venkateswara University, Siva is known for his technical acumen in his domain. He started his career as a Java Developer and steered his way into PHP programming. His expertise is into PHP, MySQL, JSon, JQuery, Ajax, JScript, HTML5, CSS3, LDAP and FTP. Codeigniter and YII are his choicest frameworks. Siva effortlessly plays his fingers on CMS tools such as Drupal, WordPress and Magento. When asked for CRM tools, he names Sugar CRM and QuickBase, and the list goes on…

Siva worked for premium client, impeccably developing eight major projects to his credit in the last 8 years. Now he has his hands on international clients developing projects in diverse frameworks. Naturally, he is cool and composed, and always spends more time in upgrading himself with new technologies…good for us!

Priyanka S, Copywriter

A post-graduate in Mathematics from Southern Demark University, Priyanka is a studious lady with thorough knowledge on SAS and R programming languages. She worked as Statistics Specialist for a government department. Later, she joined a Marketing Research firm as an Analyst.

Her hobbies are reading books and watching National Geographic and Discovery Channels. Most often, she prefers being at home immediately after work. She does Copy Writing for UK clients alone. Weird, isn’t it?

Sivaji, PHP Developer

A Web Developer from Andhra Pradesh, Sivaji, is a post-graduate from Manipal University. He has put up 3 plus years of work experience both in Web Developing and IT Training on PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JScript, Ajax, Codeigniter, and Zend frameworks. He started his career as a faculty in an Engineering College and later entered into Web Development arena. He has been a promising employee in our team. He is known for his technical acumen and candid attitude. In his spare time he loves to spend his time with his family, especially with his 2 year old son.

About us…

The company, Live Apps Business Solutions (shortly called LABS) founded in India, is a specialist provider of software development, business consulting, BPO services apart from selling three different software products in educational, medical and tourism domains that command an impressive market share...



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