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Live Apps believes that business alliances & partnerships are successful when both parties display mutual respect and trust in each other. In simple, they are built on a shared vision to meet collective goals. Live Apps has joined hands with some of its jeweled associates globally for successful business alliance and partnering with them based on trust and mutual respect.

Our motto is largely to impress our clients and tide over competitors with the increasing size of network our business partners engage in. It is quite important that the agreement we enter into complement each other for a win-win situation for clients, business partners and LABS all the same time.

We take pride in business alliances we have with Bramble, Inimble, SSGS, MSoft, QASkills, Cerebration etc.




Client Says

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    Jai Kumar

    Director - Finance

    Our's being a non-profit organisation, we initially wanted to go in for a simple website. Quite amazingly they developed an aesthetic website that met our expectations...they have started giving inputs from hosting to implementation, which helps even a layman to build his dream website for his own business and services. Keep the amazing services...

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    He is an outstanding Business Analyst and logical thinker. He is responsive, thorough, and creative in his advice, and he is also genuinely collegial with others. He is a valued advisor to all our clients

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    LABS has been an integral part of one of our key business programs, and we have come to rely on them not only for web support and facts, but also for his strategic sense and ability to work with us on longer-term goals.

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    Allen Tomal


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The company, Live Apps Business Solutions (shortly called LABS) founded in India, is a specialist provider of software development, business consulting, BPO services apart from selling three different software products in educational, medical and tourism domains that command an impressive market share...



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